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Reduce. Reuse. Refill. And Save!

Refill and reuse bottles by ordering concentrate in our little pouches.

We realized there was something more we could do with our products that fits with our green cleaning mission—provide a way for our customers to reuse their bottles. That way we can reduce waste and reduce the weight and cost of packaging by offering you the option to buy the concentrate of active ingredients in little plastic pouches. Someday, we hope the pouches will be biodegradable.

Same great formula. Just add water.

When you order a refill of concentrate we carefully fill the pouch with the same amount of active ingredients we use when filling a new bottle of cleaner. It includes the organic essential oils and natural soap. We leave the water to you. When we fill bottles we use reverse osmosis filtered water since any sediment or dissolved minerals can affect the effectiveness of any cleaning solution. So, we encourage you to use either filtered or distilled water when you fill the bottle after adding the concentrate solution.

Save on shipping, too!


For shipping filled or new empty bottles UPS offers a flat rate shipping solution. If you order pouches only, we can ship up to 8 in a small carton for $8.50. We have shipping cartons for 1-2, 3-5, or 6-8 bottles—into which we can also fit up to 8 filled pouches at no extra shipping cost. The UPS cost runs $11.50 for 1-2 bottles, $13.90 for 3-5 bottles, and $18.40 for 6-8 bottles—filled or empty. For larger orders please contact us by email or phone.

How to:


Reuse your bottle, reduce the carbon footprint of your cleaner when ordering a refill pouch, and save $2 per pouch (our discount on the cost of a filled bottle). 

• FOR REFILLS - order our concentrate pouch, which contains everything but the water for effective, fresh-scented cleaning. 

• FIRST-TIME ORDERS - order an empty spray bottle and a concentrate pouch (same price as a new filled bottle of cleaner). 


Refill your bottle or a new empty bottle with the pouch concentrate, plus water.


Remove the spray nozzle from the bottle and the cap from the concentrate pouch. Pour the concentrate into the bottle.


Fill the bottle with tap water (ideally filtered) or with distilled water.

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