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Our story

For several years I have operated Aaron’s Green Cleaning, a professional house cleaning service in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. At the beginning we used top quality store bought green cleaning products. But, a fateful conversation about essential oils with one of my clients changed everything. I had longed for cleaning products that were more than just effective and (mostly) natural. 

Aaron’s Green Essentials evolved out of a passion—to leave each home not only clean, but smelling

like the all the windows and doors had been thrown open to breezes from gardens where fruit, spices and sweet herbs abound. Scent has the power to shape our experience and our state of mind. Aaron’s Green Essentials’ formulas are a tribute to the fact that nature provides us plant ingredients that are powerfully effective for cleaning and disinfecting, while creating no harmful effects—from mixing and bottling, to rinsing it down the drain. And, they are a celebration of the fact that nature adds the gift of aromas capable of transporting us to a better day.

Aaron Barnell,

   founder and president

Why use 100% certified organic essential oils?

Essential oils are produced by plant immune systems and possess strong antimicrobial properties

that ward off pests, bacteria and viruses. Conventionally grown plants—those sprayed with pesticides and insecticides—do not develop strong essential oils because the added synthetic chemicals do the protective work for them. 100% organically grown plants produce the most potent oils, providing maximum health and cleaning benefits. Just as important, the use of toxic chemicals has been eliminated from the process of growing them. 

As a whole, our formulas are remarkably simple—made only with 100% certified organic

pharmaceutical grade essential oils, natural coconut-derived soap, and purified water! And, they are as effective as they are safe and non-toxic—providing a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal formula that is biodegradable and phosphate free.

An award-winning business leading the way for employees and clients 

We developed the formulas for Aaron’s Green Essentials when we realized there were no cleaning products that met our standards for effectiveness, safety, environmental protection, and memorable all-natural scents. 

We also continue to pioneer other aspects of how our business affects our community. We have

intentionally structured our cleaning service as a locally owned, living wage, employee-centered enterprise. Our focus on best quality products and practices—and our dedication to delighted customers—have earned us Minnesota Monthly’s Best of the Twin Cities recognition and similar recognition in several metro area communities. In 2014 we were delighted to be recognized by President Obama for our employee-positive practices.

Partnerships that make more good possible 

Early on, after experimenting with essential oils available at a local food co-op, we asked their buyer for the best wholesale source of certified organic essential oils. We were referred to Veriditas, the first U.S. importer of certified organic essential oils. It was founded and led by an internationally recognized aromatherapist who just happened to live in the Twin Cities. Over the years, she provided us a wealth of knowledge and counsel as we developed our formulas. A couple years ago Veriditas was bought by Pranarom, a Belgium-based company that continues to be our source. They are widely known for decades of unparalleled dedication to research, traceable quality, promoting the healthful properties of essential oils, environmental sustainability, and fair employment. 

In addition to cleaning households throughout the Twin Cities area, Aaron’s Green Cleaning works

with businesses and institutions who share our commitment to sustainable practices, ethical employment, and providing healthful, pleasant workplaces for their employees. Locus Architecture, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, Birchbark Books, and the Freshwater Society of Minnesota are a few of those clients. Some—like many of our household clients—buy their own bottles of Aaron’s Green Essentials so they can do spot cleaning—and refreshing—between our team’s cleaning visits.

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